Your First Arvigo® Session

What to expect for your first Arvigo® session:

Plan for approximately 2 hours for your first session and 90 minutes for the second session. After your initial consult via phone or email, we will decide which specific approach would be best for our initial time together. The paperwork for the Arvigo® Maya Abdominal Therapy can be found on the Client Forms page and should be filled out and brought to your first visit.

Your first session may include:

  • Time spent reviewing your health history and clarifying some goals or changes to monitor over the next few months.
  • Vaginal/pelvic steam will be offered for pelvic wellness and fertility optimization. The use of steam and herbs for the perineum creates warmth, softening of the pelvic bowl, and improves health circulation to the lower pelvis. There are a few exceptions to receiving this service, which will be discussed ahead of time.
  • The Arvigo® Therapy which includes assessment of the abdominal organs and tissue quality and a gentle, non-invasive massage of the upper and lower abdomen to improve the movement of blood, lymph, and nerve conduction. Massage of the lower back and hips is also incorporated to provide a 360° approach of treatment for optimizing pelvic and abdominal wellness.
  • Home care or lifestyle recommendations may be offered to further improve abdominal health to help you reach your specific goals.

Your second session may include:

  • An overview of how your body responded to the first session and we will go over any questions you may have thus far.
  • The Arvigo® Therapy session similar to your initial session but making any needed modifications.
  • Teaching you Arvigo® Self Care massage. I will show you techniques to massage your own upper and lower belly. You will have a chance to practice during this time so that you feel comfortable with your new skills walking out of the office.

Your third and subsequent sessions may include:

  • The Arvigo® Therapy and discussion of how the Self Care massage is going at home. This is also a great time to review the Self Care if needed. We take a look at the shifts that have occurred for you and make a plan going forward. For some, three sessions along with continued Self Care is all that is needed aside from some occasional maintenance sessions. For others additional sessions may be need to be scheduled depending on severity of symptoms.