Postpartum Massage

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The postpartum time can be one of the most crucial times to receive care and touch as your body is reorganizing after birth. This can be especially beneficial during those first few weeks and months after baby is born. This postpartum period is anytime after the birth up to a year plus. Massage can offer relief for many of these common issues:

abdominal separation • improper positioning of uterus • constipation • upper body tension from breast feeding 

Postpartum massage can offer more than just a space for relaxation but also can also allow for a mini nervous system reset. Touch can decrease stress which assists the body in rebalancing hormones that can often be influx after birth and during breast feeding.

Mothers can choose a 75 or 90 minute massage session at the office or in your home!  Bolsters and small pillows are used to allow for optimal comfort on the table face up and lying on your belly, offering additional support for larger breasts if needed. 

At-home sessions must be scheduled directly through Laura: 

Benefits of our time together include:

  • addressing areas of tension that are present for you
  • relieving common postpartum tension/discomfort
  • offering you a quiet space of ease and relaxation
  • encouraging optimal pelvic/abdominal organ positioning after birth

Frequently asked questions

How soon after giving birth can I receive a massage?
For most clients to receive postpartum bodywork and abdominal massage, approximately 6 weeks post birth is recommended for a vaginal birth. Waiting approximately 10-12 weeks after a c-section birth is recommended as long as the incision has healed well. If you are concerned, always check with your care provider.

Do I have to have my belly massaged during a postpartum massage  
Not at all! This is your time to receive care and bodywork only in the areas that you choose. There is no set agenda so communicate your needs to us and we will do our best to meet you there. 

Can receiving massage be helpful for my body as I am breastfeeding my newborn? 
Absolutely! Aside from relieving upper back, neck and shoulder tension from the necessary postural demands of holding and nursing a newborn, there are additional benefits. Relaxing and allowing your nervous system to settle can improve milk production, calm a speedy mind, and improve sleep and mood.