Prenatal Massage

Nurtured Mother • Healthy Baby

Pregnancy massage is an excellent complement to your prenatal care. For low-risk pregnancies, women have found massage to be a nurturing and healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. As a woman’s body changes during the pregnancy, massage can offer relief for many of these common issues:

backache • sciatic nerve pain • leg cramps/swelling • lower pelvic discomfort • uterine ligament pain • delayed labor 

Prenatal massage has also been found to relieve feelings of anxiety and depression and can improve labor outcomes and newborn health. Women with low-risk pregnancies are able to receive a prenatal massage at any point during their pregnancy and this is a perfect way to carve out some self-care time before baby arrives.

Mothers can choose a 75 or 90 minute session and will lay comfortably inclined face-up, and also nestled on their side with several pillows. If it is early in her pregnancy, mom can also lay belly-down on a supportive cushion system designed for pregnancy. 

Benefits of our time together include:

  • addressing the areas where tension is typically held
  • relieving common pregnancy discomfort
  • offering mom a space of ease and relaxation
  • creating spaciousness within the pelvis so baby has more room

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Frequently asked questions

How early in my pregnancy can I receive a prenatal massage?
Pregnancy massage is safe to receive at any point during a low-risk pregnancy with a certified/experienced practitioner. After 20 weeks clients may also receive specific abdominal therapy to:

  • help balance uterine ligament tension that can cause pain and discomfort
  • relieve lower pelvic pressure 
  • offer relief for heartburn/acid reflux 
  • relieve constipation
  • assist in relieving minor vulvar edema
  • creating abdominal and lumbar softening, allowing breech babies to turn 

Can I receive a full body massage when I’m pregnant?   
Absolutely! You can rest comfortably on the table in various position so that I can meet your goals that day whether it is full body relaxation that is in order or more targeted therapeutic massage is desired. 

Do you offer massage to help initiated labor? 
Yes, there are safe and effective techniques and pressure points that can be used and stimulated on a woman’s body at 39 weeks gestation. This is can be done gently to give the body a “nudge” towards its natural inclination of labor at the end of the full term.